Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One More Day

Less than, actually.

I just got back from the super-wallymart for a couple of gallons of milk, and I damn near killed 12 annoying people, 3 shopping carts, and an overhead music system....

...'in a pear tree
'. (<---there's my Christmas Spirit, drink it up, y'all.)

Justifiable homicide, I'm certain.

It's also a rough time if you tend to have a news channel on somewhat regularly, as I do. Like now, for instance, just tippity-tappiting away on my laptop, I can almost guarantee hearing the following upon flipping through the channels...

"...the world's most perfectly cut diamon-"


"... [orgasmosigh & flashing ring] he went to Jarro-"


"... so come to America's number one jewelry sto-"


"[woman, sitting on bench] ...but I don't remember this spot. [man, kneeling] you will..."


"... every 'kiss' begins with-"


Almost makes me long for ole Billy and whatever crap he's selling nowadays, as weird as that sounds... well, not quite.


Anonymous said...

Granted those commercials can be a wee bit...trying...but what happened to the bright-eyed optimism of the bedroom furniture post?

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sgt., and all of God's blessings of peace, joy, and some special treats from Santa.

Old NFO said...

Same here...

sigh... Is this season over yet???

Anonymous said...
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Sevesteen said...

I drove through the local Wallymart parking lot this afternoon. When the parking lot is half full, the store is almost unbearable.

The parking lot was 90% full. Since my wife doesn't want me to openly carry a firearm, I left.

Snigglefrits said...

Merry Christmas Murphy. You're my favorite Grinch. ;)

Sabra said...

HEB was good. No one ran me & Eldest over. Only 27 shopping carts left in the middle of the aisle. Random person with an IBC name tag gave the girl a lollipop. The cashier was pleasant & said Merry Christmas.

I stayed the hell away from Wal-Mart.

Feliz Navidad.

The Captain said...

I had to do out briefly yesterday for a couple of last-minute things, but got all my wrapping done and was mostly able to relax - finally.

Merry Christmas, Murph.

Bob G. said...

WEll, let's take a reccy around MY place...

(the 12 days of Christmas at OUR house this year)

12 bills that were paid
11 limbs a hanging
10 neighbors gawking
9 houses burning
8 chainsaws humming
7 shelter opening
6 cars a skidding
5 frozen squirrels
4 firemen sliding
3 power lines down
2 leaks in the basement
...And 1 much LIGHTER bank account NOW!

Sounds about right.
(Oh, and the wife's CHK ENGINE light is "festive")

Can't WAIT for NEXT!

Have a Merry, everyone!

(in full survival mode)