Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Googly Moogly!

You don't see this every day.

U.S. anti-kidnap expert kidnapped in Mexico.

Reports from the article was that the guy was down south for seminars dealing with his area of expertise. It also mentions that the area he was in was 'relatively safe' *snort*. He was taken after stepping outside a restaurant to take a phone call.


Is there nowhere truly safe, anymore?

Give y'all a clue. Nope.

Now of course I hope for the best when it comes to this unfortunate fellow, that he is released quickly and without harm. I couldn't help but think that if only he had access to some means of defending himself, some method of ensuring that he would be able to keep from harm should he be attacked by those who would bring him ill-will, maybe he wouldn't be in this unfortunate position...

Yes, I'm talking about dodge-ball classes from the President's personal trainer. Whoever that guy is, give him a raise.

Now, I understand that there were most likely many requirements, restrictions and considerations that the security detail were working with, but holy-hell, that's the friggin' President of the friggin' U.S. of friggin' A.! There should have been at the very least a hit that would've made any NFL defensive player weep tears of enlightenment and types like me cackle at the righteous violence. Now, I'll give 'em credit, they subdued the guy fairly quickly, as well they should have- you notice the guy's white socks? Heck, even I know that white socks are a no-no in that attire. We should have seen a few flying elbows and/or noogies, just for the socks.

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Bob G. said...

When I saw the PREZ dodge the shoes, only one thing came to mind:
They should replay it in...SUPER slo-mo!
Took the "suits" a whole 3 secs to cover G.W.
(we'd call that two lifetimes in some scenarios)

And the locals DID wail the crap out of that reporter BEFORE he was taken to the hoosegow.
Let's do a "head-check".
(the reporter wouldn't have that with old Saddam in charge, would he?)

I do hope that expert comes out OK, but it IS Mexico, and NOT the Mexico of years past.
'Nuff said.

Carry On.