Monday, December 1, 2008

Been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I thought I'd take a moment to let y'all know what kind of stuff goes running through my 'mind' the past few days.

What a difference a year makes...

Remember the '15 min prior' rule? That's the one that runs along the line of a Battalion Commanding Officer talking to his Executive Officer. He tells his XO that he wants to hold a formation at 1800. The word travels down the chain of command, from Officer to Occifer, Senior Staff NCOs to Staff, around and about to everyone that has something to say about it. By the time it gets down to my level, I'm standing tall in formation with my guys at 0745 that morning, wondering why the Battalion formation is running late...

Preparing for large family gatherings around say... Thanksgiving, for example - is kind of like that. Timelines are more of general suggestions and/or loosely held guidelines, especially with select members of the family.

Know what isn't a general suggestion?


One of the only things that's more fun than the 15 min. prior rule is the to-my-knowledge unnamed rule that deals with visits by a General. Before a General arrives, you better believe there is a massive 15 minute rule applied, but even more so than that is the advanced preparation. The guy could be planning to not even go anywhere near your shop/office/barracks/heads/whatever - but the cleanup... *Oy, vey!* Floors will be buffed to panty-viewing perfection, weapons will be lick-dried if necessary, and grass will be cut, by hand and by individual grass blade, if possible. All this and the Man is only going to visit the other side of the base... again. Yeah, we kind of had that goin' on this weekend. I almost expected My Love to tell me that she wanted the Virgin Mary herself to be proud to come over to take a- well, you know.

The next time I tell myself that I'm gonna go on a good run on Thanksgiving morning and not eat so much that night... I'm actually going to do it... hopefully. I'm lucky if I can get up enough steam for a good waddle, right now.

On a related note, in my life I've gathered up quite a few skills that, while not necessary enjoyable, in the moment make life a bit easier. Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques on the throne is a good example of one of those skills.

I figure I've still got a few days before I get tired of turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pies, turkey stew, turkey a la mode, turkey jerky, turkey subs, fried turkey, turkey gravy, turkey jello, etc, etc, and etc...

Eric, I have no idea who you are, but you're on my list, buddy, and it ain't my Christmas list...

I love watching some good football games on a full belly - but I try to avoid thinking too much about it. If I did, I'd get pissed all over again about the way things are run and the way that certain players act. When I become king of the word I'm going to institute a single elimination tournament system. To make it interesting, elimination will be done with axes. Should make for some good times.

Speaking of interesting times, what the heck is going on with the players (again)? If I was making that kind of money to play a game, the only time I'd leave the house would be to do charity work, feed the homeless, and help the nuns at the orphanages. Sheesh.


Bob G. said...

Love the comparison between rules and!

And "turkey jello"?
(must be a "corps" thing - keeps those hard chargers...well, charging the latrine)

As to the single elimination tourney...axes are good...pikes and maces work JUST as well too.
Ditto on the player/$$$ thing.

Like me, you're an idealist...
God bless 'ya!

Carry On.


Sabra said...

Floors will be buffed to panty-viewing perfection, weapons will be lick-dried if necessary, and grass will be cut, by hand and by individual grass blade, if possible.

Thank God I was merely a spouse.

Luckily, when I was married, 99% of the time we lived far, far away from the family. The only folks we had over for the holidays were single sailors and, well, if you wave a turkey leg in front of 'em they can be standing in three inches of dust and be happy.

When possible, 'tis much better to be the ones doing the visiting, & prompting the field day.

Old NFO said...

hehehe- Good one Murph, thanks! I needed a laugh... I'm just waiting for the tryptophan to kick innnnnnzzzzz...

Xtine said...

Panty viewing perfection


I guess that since you made me laugh, I won't flaunt the fact that I had to do no cleaning for Thanksgiving, and no one fussed at me for a less than perfect house.

Yes, I know that sounds like I'm rubbing it in. Trust me, it's not: there's no red pepper in your eyes!