Monday, October 20, 2008

Inter-Office Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

This is probably what would happen on day #2 of any Typical Office Job held by Murphy. Probably a good reason why I don't work a Typical Office Job...


Snigglefrits said...

I can't watch the vid yet Murphy, but I can imagine what it's like.

As for my typical office job- today you can have it. I want to go blow something up...

Bob G. said...

Believe me, I've wanted to do THAT way too many times while pushing paper...LOL!
(...didn't know that that toy company made a "ma deuce")

That was brilliant...!


Thanks for the funny.

Carry On.

Old NFO said...

ROTFLMAO! Good one Murph! Too bad we can't actually do that :-( Closest we get to come is going to Quantico and playing with new toys about once a year.