Thursday, October 9, 2008

Doing The Mostest With The Leastest

By the time grunts actually get set free to go out looking for that which needs blowin' up and those that need blowin' away, they are the friggin' Yodas of Adapt & Improvise. This is due to a traumatically ingrained memory of having next to nuthin', throughout most (if not all) training.

'Butta-Butta Jam, anyone?'

The inevitable result of this are a near constant tendency to use items for other than their originally intended use. Some of the more well known items might be things like;

crazy string as a trip-wire detector.

entrenching tools used as ass-props whilst 'dropping bombs'.

zip-ties for damn near everything.

skivvy-shirt sleeves as emergency t.p.

remote-control trucks as a c4 delivery devices.

flash-bangs for wayward local national drivers.

shelter-halves used for Hummer tires' traction in mud (good times).

vacant mortar base-plate holes as recliners and as personal *ahem* 'drop zones'.

MRE shells as barf bags, wound covers, and storage bags.

Of course, nearly all of the above can, has been, and will be used for practical jokes of one sort or the other, but that's like noting that the sun is bright or the sky is blue. With the short above list in mind, a pic.

Neat lookin' (actual technical phrase) aircraft abandoned outside Camp Cupcake.

Anyone venture to guess what the above was used for, during my time?

1) Source for spare parts and as a training aid for the '04 Iraqi Air Force.

2) Reference point when travelling through the Area of Operations.

3) Prime real estate for a morning constitutional.

You get three guesses, and the first two don't count.


The Captain said...

Back in my day, we'd use mousetraps, fishing line and flash cubes as early-warning devices on the perimeter. Besides the warning, it also nicely took away the bad guy's night vision.

Bobby G. said...

Doesn't "look" like a "hangar queen"...too many parts still on it.
And if that IS a roll of paper towels peeking out from under the landing gear forward, I'd go w/ #3.

But, on the other "could" be #2 OR #1.

Hell, I'd use it for target practice (as long as #2 was not part of choice #3 that day)

Too many options...too little time...heh.


Jarhead said...

For those of us with vehicles to go to the field with don't forget about the milk crate with a toilet seat zip tied to it.

Also Duct Tape can fix anything.

Murphy said...

captain - In Iraq, we used copious PFCs and Lance Corporals for our perimeter. Worked pretty good, they did. Course, we had a dedicated perimeter guard with a semi-decent rotation...

bobby g - 1) There was no IAF in '04, to my knowledge at least. Heck, there barely was an ING, and we were training 'em... 2) My pic didn't show it, but there were oodles of planes that were left all over the place. Saying 'turn left at the plane carcass' would've been like saying at formation, 'hey you, in the green!' 3) Correct answer. Sorta my fault, if I remember correctly, we were stopped for a while on the Main Supply Route when one of my boys needed to talk to a man about a camel. I told him to do his business 'over there' (waving in general direction). I told him not to let anyone sneak up on him, so he climbed up into the cockpit...

jarhead - My guys probably would've stolen some toilet seats from the air force if'n they hadn't already filled their arms with other loot. And yep, duct tape (zip ties & 550 cord) is about a solution for everything.