Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marine Ingenuity

As luck would have it, I got my dead tree version of the Marine Corps Times yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, the headline of the paper was the story about the phrase, 'Devil Dog.'

My apologies to my reader(s), I didn't realize it was such an old story as to have been caught up by an actual snail-mailed paper. That's kinda why I'm always filtering my news trash through the 'net. What can I say, I'm no longer as green, not nearly as lean, but still... you get the idea.

Perusing through the Times, I caught another story that I just had to mention.

Prosecutor wants Marine's license plate revoked.


Shouldn't a prosecutor be prosecuting... oh, I dunno, crimes n' stuff?

I began to read.

Hmmm, former Marine Sergeant... vanity plate.... of the Marine Corps variety (cool)... Ah, yes, here we go... 'four letter word'... 'begin and end with the letter T'... 'vulgar slang'...

'Vulgar slang' was where I stopped, and my crossword puzzle lovin' mind went to work (yeah, I'm hopelessly addicted. Love it, but I'm hopeless with 'em).

Four letter (possibly/probably offensive) term, starts and ends with 'T'. I knew it had to be something creative, probably something along the lines of initials for an old unit, platoon, mission, or whatnot.

*kerthump, kerthump* went my mental hamster...

Theatre of... Afghanistan Tactical... Angry dogs? Nah.

Third Iraqi Troop Trainers? (a strech, I know) Nope.

Third Engineer Assault Troop? Nu-uh, no way.

Want to know what the letters were supposed to stand for and what made me spew my big ole bowl of Chuckle-Os all over the place?

Tactical Wire Assault Team.


The War Against Terrorism.

Oh my. My, my, my....


Old NFO said...

LOL- I'm trying to get WTFO in Virginia...

Hammer said...

Cheech and Chong had a Bit called
Tactical Women's Alert Team T.W.A.T

What is it with these prosecutors? Aren't there enough criminals?

Snigglefrits said...

I guess having my license plate reflect "Baker Of Odd & Brilliant Sweets" might not be the best idea then?

Le sigh.

Lonestar Gal said...

**Snicker** **Snort**
Apparently, there are not enough criminals out there to keep the bottom-feeders busy.

Larry said...

I love military acronyms.