Thursday, April 24, 2008

Because Sometimes, You Just Gotta Dance

Funny, but when I 'bust a move' like that, all I get are flying spews of drinks and offers of medication... What's that heel-kicky move called again?


Squeaky Wheel said...


Anonymous said...

Murph, you ALWAYS make my day!

Ambulance Driver said...

I dance like that every time I get a tube.

Doesn't everybody?

Matt G said...

I've been watching that guy and smiling every time I see him for about two years, now.

I'm not usually much of one to watch dancing, but his stuff was so exuberant, so seemingly (but impossibly) improvisational, that he makes me hit the refresh button, and I watch it all over again.

There is some fun sociology going on in the audience. The white folk are laughing, but look kind of embarrassed for this out-of-control white boy. The black folk are moving in their seats, amazed at this white boy who will get up and dance, and can pull it off. Finally, some black folk just get up in their seats and dance along.

Mikael said...

That's funny, thanks for the laughs.

The guy does some ridiculous looking moves... and some good ones. It's fun watching the audience and the host too.

It kind of reminded me of the following video:

Always good for some laughs, especially if you've never seen it before. It's fun when a volounteer from the audience gets the other volounteers and the host in stitches. :)

Lonestar Gal said...


Squeaky Wheel said...

Mikael - I know that guy. :-) He drives a school bus with my stepmom.