Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hoo. Yah.

Previously, when it came time to add a blog to the ole blog-roll, I would just kind of slip it in without much fanfare. The thought process behind this was kind of along the lines of 'who in the heck am I, to make big announcements? I'm just a schmuck that figured out how to worky this blog-thing.' Of course, that was before I got really computer savvy and figured out how to set up a blog reader.

What? Who's laughing out there?

My apologies to any of y'all out there if that was not the way to go. Besides, when it comes to a bump in traffic, I was kind of afraid that all I could offer was a baby bump.

Now that I am confident in my double-digit daily traffic, I can somewhat confidently start passing out proclamations of coolness, starting with LT Nixon Rants. He's a boot... blogger that has an interesting mixture of posts that'll inform and make you chuckle.

Oh, almost forgot, I hear he's... er, offering unique rewards for visits or something...


LT Nixon said...


Mucho Gracias for the linkage! I'll make sure to add you on the blog roll over at my sewer of a blog. Hey, is that Baghdad Bob in the profile pic. That guy was my homeboy!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to tell him how to collect his reward Lt N!

Anonymous said...

(joking of course)

Snigglefrits said...

I admit it, it was me laughing Murphy. :-P

Enjoyed what I read of Lt. Nixon's Rants, thanks for the heads up to it.