Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Book Pimpin'


I got AD's book a little while ago, actually, and wound up reading it fairly quickly. I suppose that it's partly due to the fact that I'm a fairly quick reader, but mainly because of it's a helluva read. It's reads quite a bit like his blog, 'cept that I gotta say that the comments section doesn't seem to work too well (Har!). Seriously though, for being pretty much a completely different subject than my experiences in the Corps, much like his blog, there's quite a few similarities if you know where and how to look.

As an added bonus, Mom really liked it, as well. She spent a short while as a volunteer when we lived in Nowhere, AZ, and she said that it brought back some memories, good and bad and in between, about her time slingin' needles and strappin' bodies. She would've returned it quicker, but...

... Gramma got a hold of the book, and while she reads alot, she doesn't read as quickly as either Mom or I. Gramma was not really a fan, mainly due to the language. Guess she's used to a certain standard of intimidation that'll make a combat vet (and everyone else, really) mind their p's and q's around the teensy and lovable Gramma (as long as you're using nothing more vulgar than an occasional, 'dangit'). Said personae doesn't translate too well to book intimidation, I guess. Heck, that shi-er, stuff just makes it more flavorful to my reading palate!

Can't win 'em all...


Old NFO said...

Yep, it is a good book, and brings back memories for me too from my VFD days... It's also a peek behind the scenes at how business gets done in the Emergency Medicine world!

Bob G. said...

My nephew's in the DCFD, and every now and then he chats me up and he tells me some of HIS "stories"...!

That's some weird crap for so young a "pup", but he does OK.

I'll have to ask him if he's familiar with this book, since he "lives the adventure".

Carry On.

Jay G said...


It's one of my faves, and has been read countless times (in fact, it's on the nightstand right now).

Mrs. G. works in a hospital (in the lab, fortunately not as a nurse), and she agrees with a lot of AD's assessments...