Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Buddy o' mine through work, also a former military guy, calls me up most every day. He's always a bit on the chipper side, and more often than not I'll respond in a growl to his upbeat, "Good morning!" with the ever classic, "What are you, a fuckin' weatherman now?" as an inside joke to our impression of select senior staff NCOs. link

Always good for a chuckle and a few memories...

For further explanation of differences between some of the higher ranks, go hither.


Bob G. said...

LMAO...that's funny sh*t!

Besides, I hear tell that being a weatherman isn't all that bad.

I mean where ELSE can you get paid good bucks to BE WRONG AT LEAST HALF THE DAMN TIME (aside from being a "90-day wonder"?)

Carry on.

Jarhead said...

Thanks for the link Murph I knew you would like that.

The Jarhead

Old NFO said...

Dead on the money Murph! And trust me, even today the same crap is going on!...LOL

I work sometimes with a Master Gunny, and he has me rolling on the floor with some of his commentary!