Monday, March 9, 2009

Something To Think About

The Marine Corps SOP class dealing with immediate actions for countering a (close distance) ambush is probably the easiest class to sum up. It is in a word, this;


The Marine Corps is big on teaching immediate action drills. These drills ideally will provide the individual Marine with available actions to be done automatically and almost as a reflex to a likely complicating situation. A good example of this is when your rifle or pistol fails to fire, what do you do? If you're anything like me, taprackbang takes longer to type and say than to actually do.

My personal belief is that keeping in mind IA (immediate actions) to a near ambush is just as important subject to address in civilian life, as well. A near ambush as defined by the Marine Corps was one within 50 meters, a distance that falls right into the danger close zone. In your everyday life and without an issued m16/m4, you definition of danger close might vary. Probably the very last thing an enemy can anticipate happening when opening up with all the element of surprise is, instead of his hapless prey flailing about in a panic begging to be disposed of, is to have some or all of his potential targets immediately turn and charge his position. It is this brief hesitation that will provide you with the brief window to re-assume command of the situation and break it off in his ass. In a worse case scenario, it will at least allow you an opportunity to redeem yourself for finding yourself to be in a position to be ambushed, and provide a better chance of survival for others on your team. Your 'team' might not be fellow Marines, or even a friendly acquaintance, but might be friends and family members...

I can't help but think about and be grateful for at times, when watching the news, that there are those that understand this concept - they will not lay down and die, but will fight. They might have not had endless training sessions or even their own weapons, but they had their minds, bare hands, and a determination to stop the attack.

Semper Fidelis.


Old NFO said...

Agreed Murph! The two guys that took down the guy that shot the Pastor on Ill. yesterday did just that.

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

Sometimes it's just the raw determination that the only way that I will die on my knees is if I happen to have a heart attack at mass.

We need more people who think like that.

Lawyer said...

Just like NFO, I thought of those two men who tackled the attacker. That's what we need more of. Great post.

Bob G. said...

Roger THAT...!

DETERMINATION helped to FOUND this nation...and after all this time, it STILL works.
(and damn well, too)

Carry On.