Thursday, February 5, 2009

Final head count for this Saturday's festivities right ovah hyaw.

Looking forward to it and hope to see y'all there!


Old NFO said...

I'm sorry I'm going to miss it. Y'all have fun, ya hear...


Snigglefrits said...

I'll just sit over here and be jealous again. Hope y'all have a super fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Have a super time and looking forward to the post on your return.

P.S. Jealous wailing commencing.

Bob G. said...

Why you lucky bunch of $*!@$&!!!

Nah, go ahead and have yourselves a BLAST (or several), just make them ALL "down-range", 'K?

The rest of us will be there, if only in spirit!
And we want pictures!
(personnel, ordinance...the whole schmeer)

Carry On.

Peter said...

Wish I could be there, Murph, but circumstances have conspired against me, I'm afraid.

Have a great time, and I'll try to get down for the next one (or you try to get up to the next Dallas or Louisiana gathering!).

JPG said...

Sorry but I must send regrets. Too bad - - I was looking forward to it, especially after the meet last weekend.

Holly has been trying to fight off some upper respiratory crud for some time. I gave some thought to attending solo. Now I‘ve caught it, too. Runny nose, chest congestion, foggy head, sneezes/coughing fits - - The entire ensemble. I'm not certain I could even make it to Bexar County, far less be good company when I arrived. Please be assured that I am there in spirit.

Best wishes to all.


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Murphy said...

Would've been nice to put some names to faces, but I understand completely. Distance and/or schedules only have so much flexibility in 'em. Hopefully next time...