Sunday, February 1, 2009

With My Luck...

"Ok Murphy, as the new guy on the R&D team, you've been designated as the man to *cough* test out the prototype bio-mech combat suit for the range trials."

"Sweet! Is this the one that makes the wearer almost super-human?"


"What kind of Camo does it have?"

*snicker* "Huh? Camo?"

"You know, is it like a ghillie suit, twigs & foliage n' stuff?

"Not so much foliage as much as... fur..."



Snigglefrits said...

Here comes Murphy Cottontail, shooting down the bunny trail,
Bangity Bang,
Murphy in a bunny suit saves the day!

Bob G. said...

I'd bet they ain't Easter Eggs you'd be a'packin' in that "basket", either...

Still, a bunch of grenades painted pastels DO make an "impression" on those receiving way or another!
...Helluva omelet!

Carry On

Crucis said...

Didn't Lawdog test a similar prototype? The Pink Gorilla Suit?

Old NFO said...

hehehe- Crucis beat me to it... But I gotta ask, was it Pink???

Mikael said...

Reminds me of this: