Monday, February 23, 2009

Things That Make You Go 'Hmmmm....'

Two things wrong with this pic... can you tell what they are?


Bob G. said...

Maybe I'm reachin' a bit, but I'd say:
1) the PAS/G headgear chockin' up the tire
2) the grunt on the right WIHOUT said cover.

(been outta the loop way too long)

Carry On.

Old NFO said...

Agreed with Bob- A third- the vehicle is not parked facing the road for quick departure like the SUV is.

Earl said...

I go with the helmet and helmetless Marine taking pictures - far away from his vehicle. That really isn't much of a chock block. If he moved the helmet he won't have trouble driving forward so I discount the road thing...

10% said...

Use of the helmet as a chock block would be the first, and the chock being on the wrong side of the tire being the second?

Murphy said...

All fairly close, more or less. 'Suppose that I should have mentioned that this was just one occasion that this happened in the middle of Camp Cupcake, and that it was an Army hummer.

1) Helmet as chock block.

2) Do you suppose it says equally as much about both Army and Marine culture that there was no Army Dude standing guard to at least slightly reduce Marine Lance Criminal temptations...?