Friday, January 23, 2009

The Six Things/Habits/Quirks meme

1) I like memes, but rarely find myself following them to a T...

2) In a recent financial-type discussion with My Love, I jokingly mentioned that, after reading our latest and 'greatest' investment reports (long story short, t.u.), I should pull some money out to invest in... 'precious metals'. She sounded pretty receptive to the idea. Now, I'm sure that her idea of precious metals doesn't include those that come in firearms form, but as I consider them precious to me, I'm currently debating my desire for sound, diversified, and solid financial planning (international and domestic, of course) vs. my desire to enjoy living, and sans one of her high-heels through my sack.

3) I spent much of last year testing out different fertilizers for my lawn. I fear that landscaping is going to be yet another one of my hobbies/second jobs (too much time, too much actual work, too much money, etc). I started with my back yard, mainly because I figured that I could hardly screw it up more than it already way. In the portion of the yard that actually has grass, there area sections that have the normal winter look to it, some that seemed burnt to the dirt, and a nice, pristine, lush area covered in dark green grass.

I've forgotten what type of fertilizer I used for the green area.

4) Since I've started planning a trip down south for my great-grandmother's birthday later in the year, I've been craving ceviche and pisco, two things I rarely have.

5) I love the COPS-type shows, but I don't really consider them a reality show nor do I consider them to be the end all be all of techniques and tactics. It can be a heckofa comedy, though...

6) Speaking of comedy, I really get a kick outta this guy...


Old NFO said...

LOL- That is an interesting set of divergent things... about yourself...

Bob G. said...

Normally, I'd man up and yell "TMI" (too much info), but then I thought about it...
Nah...Murph's on target here!

Re/ the fertilizer gig:

1-Too much is ALWAYS too much...LOL.
2-Not enough is usually about right.
3-And if you own a horse...
God bless you.

Re/ COP to see the "special kind of stupid" the perps display (reminds me of a few hi-lvl officers).

Re/ precious metals:
MY choices(in no particular order)
gold, silver, platinum, lead, copper, steel, aluminum, magnesium, actinium, strontium, thorium, uranium, plutonium.

(safety note: the FIRST EIGHT are OK to buy for investment purposes...the LAST FIVE are NOT for "investment"...and if you have to ask...well, it'd be better all around if you DON'T ask.

RE/6: Yes, Inglesias IS better than Mencia (imho).

Carry On
(and stow the NBC gear)