Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh my. The possibilities are endless with this one.


I can't really get behind this... can you?

I hate to think of Francis and Flynt down on their knees beggin' for this kind of package.

This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

This is truly a sign of today's hard times.

I'm sure that all of the 'jobs' in the porno industry aren't all at risk.

Lot more companies are more hard up than I thought.

Too big to fail? Methinks they exaggerate a bit.


Hope they don't go tits up.

Not sure of all the details, but I'm sure that the taxpayers are gettin' screwed in the end.


Snigglefrits said...

How long did it take you to think up all those double entendres Murphy?

News like that is really hard to swallow, isn't it?

Bob G. said...

After the "WTF???" factor wore off, I RE-read your post, and I love the puns.
I'd share some of mine, but we ARE in mixed

Bet it didn't take ANY time to think them up...
The Marines I've known had them always "at the ready".

Carry On.

Murphy said...

Yeah, they pretty much came to me... what can I say, it's a gift.

Farmgirl said...

Not so much a double entendre as just a straight up comment, but it seems to me that the "Adult Entertainment" industry is just looking for the same bukkake shots that the banks are getting....

Wonder if the next big porno will star Uncle Sam... or maybe an Obama look-alike?

Old NFO said...

hehehe- As long as there are colleges with internet connections there will be porn :-) If I remember correctly, something like 40+% of those sites originate in campus dorm rooms!

Actually porn is a VERY large business world wide in more ways than one!

Murphy said...

Farm Girl - Well, there's already that Palin (lookalike) movie they made, *ahem* if I remember correctly. When it comes to the prez-elect, seems the media's already showing their 'O face' and providing the accompanying services to further His image...

Old NFO - Colleges w/ internet services and Marines with... heck, as much as a pen or pencil, it seemed (at times)!

Xtine said...

Oh,'re so punny.

I don't know how on earth I'll be able handle it.