Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Death in combat is something that, for some, is not really talked about too much. Just by the nature of the environment it is commonly accepted knowledge that there are plenty of risks in war, everyone is exposed to them, and sometimes, your number is called. When someone dies, you console yourself with the knowledge that the person died 'fighting the good fight', doing what they volunteered for and were trained to do, alongside their buddies.

It's still never easy.

Death, in training, is something that is possibly even harder to bear, but it does happen on occasion. The soldiers here still volunteered, were still among buddies, and even though it happened in training, I believe that they were still fighting the good fight.

Thoughts and prayers to the families of the broken and broken-hearted.



Old NFO said...

Amen- It's always heartbreaking to lose people in training, especially when it is effectively in front of friends/family.

Anonymous said...

Three guys died while my son was in boot camp. One was a suicide, one died on the PT field, and the last one, a swimming instructor, died rescuing a recruit.

Thankfully, none of these deaths were in my son's platoon, but that was one costly training cycle.

Bob Perrow

Rhodaloo said...

My heart almost stopped when I read the headline as my daughter has many friends in the Corps of Cadets.

Bob G. said...

Roger that on prayers to families & friends of ALL fallen warriors.

Death, however or whenever inflicted, is still a part of life.
(been down that street a few times w/ people I still miss)

Carry On.