Thursday, September 18, 2008

John 15:13

I sincerely hope that the Peralta family knows that to many, Sergeant Peralta could not possibly be held in any higher esteem throughout the Marine Corps. Even when I was still in Iraq, his name and actions had already entered into Marine Corps lore, and will be carried forth for many, many years to come. I am only one of many that feel that the Navy Cross, while a very high honor itself, is insufficient in this situation.


Semper Fidelis, Sergeant.


Old NFO said...

This is just flat an injustice. Relying on a doctor's post-mortem exam rather than the boots on the ground is just ridiculous. The big problem is all the paperwork drill, boards, etc. that go on away from the field that have people who were not there, are not even in the same service, and are basically bean counters deciding on medals based on "allocations" for each service. Hopefully this case with Sgt Peralta will bring this into the light of day.

Earl said...

I can't tell the paper pushers what qualifies for the Medal of Honor, and I know there are heroes from my past that never received anything but the beer and the covering fire from the buddies that knew what they had done. But I do know that the Navy Cross is not given lightly, at the same time knowing that Sergeant gave all he had until there was no more - paper pushers don't really understand that part of heroism, selfless courage in the face of death.