Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was on the couch the other evening, 'sleeping well and dreaming of large women', when the television I had fallen asleep on - woke me up.

In the moments immediately after waking, still half-asleep, I caught the first part of the clip and thought to myself, 'holy crap, Rachel Lucas has advertising now? That's so cool!'

Oh yeah...

Anybody watch the show?

Me neither. Thought the ad was funny, though...

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Bobby G. said...

I wouldn't watch that show on a dare, but I'd squint my way through the first 5 minutes if a million bucks were offered...maybe.

I DO agree with the "cat" thing...we have two of them.
(that's plenty, thank you)

... and if you think you've got yer hands full w/ hot brass down the blouse, you have NEVER tried to take a cat to a VET when it doesn't "wish" to!

carry on.