Friday, September 5, 2008

As a general rule, I try to stay away from celebrity news as much as possible because, quite honestly, I just don't care enough to be distracted from vastly more important matters, like belly-button lint cultivation, pillow poofing, and yard grass growin'.

Awhile back now I got fed up with all the ego-centric proclamations, arrests, political opining, 'poor me' whining, and panty flashing from people with too much time and money - and that was just from the dudes.

When you watch a bit of the news, however, on occasion the odd celebrity news blurb will rise (sink?) to my attention - two of which, I just had to comment on.

First of all... BWAHAHAHAhahahaa....


To sum it up, apparently Ms. 'Bootylicious' has a younger sister that fancies herself something of a.... uh, dunno. Singer? Dancer? Designer? Diva, for sure, but I just don't care enough to find out what, exactly. Apparently, the celbre-twit was doing an interview for some show, and confused the pre-interview conversation with the actual on-air interview. She proceeded to go off on her interviewer on air and, well, if you can struggle through the short clip, you might just get a chuckle out of it like I did.

Now to be fair, on occasion there's something from Hollyweird that shows that not all people are bat-shit loco. Might even be applauded, even.

Hope for all man-kind.

This one actually impressed me. Seems like David Spade is thought to have fathered a child. Conga rats for him, but what's more impressive is that he's reported to have said that he would accept responsibility if the child is proven to be his. I know, I know, on the grand scheme of things nothing extra-ordinary, and quite possibly something that he's legally strongly encouraged to do, but it's small steps for famous folks, ya know? Oh yeah, the mother of his child? Playboy playmate Jillian Grace.

I'll give you a moment for Googly...


David, you are my hero.


Sabra said...

Um. Damn. Maybe ol' David's got a hidden talent. A really large one. 'Cause I can't explain it otherwise. Dear Lord, let the kid look like its mother...

Hammer said...

I saw spade do standup in vegas last year. Funny as hell.

If I were him I would admit to doing it with

Still kudos for not being a typical hollywood twerp.

Murphy said...

sabra - Heh, reminds me of a Corporal 'Tripod' that I used to know... [shudder]

hammer - Heck, if I was him I'd be screaming it from the rooftops!