Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gonna run run run...

The running post a ways back was inspired largely due to the fact that I'm trying to get back into running shape. Only slightly more accurate of a thing to say would be that I'm trying to get back into some sort of shape other than what I am right now. I'm not wheezing from climbing a set of stairs or from a couple of 12 oz curls, but I've notice quite a bit of decline in my conditioning since I've gotten out.

Shocker, I know.

Not trying to set any records here, and I'm being careful to not set any impossible goals (can you tell I've done this before?).

A brief snippet of what runs around in my mind nowadays when out for my PT run.

Ok, here we go, easy little run... how did it go? 'Forward at a double time!' Pffft...

Allrighty, not so bad... keepin' it slow and easy... well, slow, anyways.

Damn, shins are starting to hurt, wonder if I should change out my 'go fasters'. The shoes are only...oh hell, 5 years old. Yeah, I should probably put that on my 'crap to do' list, volume 1, section 2, chapter 3, page 12.

Damn that sun is awfully shiny today.

Geez, this sucks more than I remembered. Must've gone a couple of miles by now... hmmm, how long've I been running? Crap, 5 minutes. Definitely not a couple of miles.

Ugh, just got passed by Timmy... on his tricycle.

Stupid kid... with his stupid lacrosse? stick... running (at a friggin' sprint) in his stupid h.s. jersey.

Urf, think that was breakfast threatening to make a re-appearance.

Ooh look, shiny!

Dang, those shorts on that lady are pretty... uh, short.

Note to self: no need to run faster when other folks are running by, no matter what they happen to be wearing... *urp!*


jon spencer said...

Round is a shape

Bobby G. said...

...Just not the BEST one, if 'ya have to choose...LOL!

(trying to keep the knees from blowing out myself)

Xtine said...


That made me LOL IRL - I can't tell you how many times that phrase has left my mouth, and even while running

I love it when, uhm, well-endowed women run in the opposite direction.
1) there's a sense of camraderie, because even with two bras, I have to hold the girls down
2) Because of #1, they never notice how hard I'm ogling!

Larry said...

When I retired, I made a promise to never run when I could walk just as well.
So, if you ever see me running, shoot whatever is behind me and I'll stop.
If I don't stop, try to keep up.