Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The good LT pointed out a post here, about yet another protest in Berkley. There's a line in Zombie's post that really hit home to me about how crazy this whole situation is getting. It's a caption to a photo of a letter taped up to the window of the Marine Officer Selection Office. The letter expresses thanks to supporters and advises those interested in info to knock on the door, as it's kept locked due to the 'recent high volume of foot traffic'.

The caption to the foto is as follows.

"Due to an attempted invasion by topless protesters a couple weeks earlier, the Marine Corps Officer Recruiting Office (as it's officially called) has now been forced to keep its doors locked; the office remains open for business, but they only allow in people who have a legitimate reason to be there."

Holy Shit.

Come on, now 'California girls', boobies, and Marines. I happen to know that I'll put... er, I mean I've heard that Marines will put up with a quite a bit of crazy if there just happens to be boobies involved. Not saying that it's always a good thing, but just that it is what it is. To lock the boobies out and away from the Marines seems... well, cruel. How can topless chicks be considered not legit?

Hold on a sec...

Perusing the rest of the site demonstrates many, many [shudder], many reasons why those doors might be locked. Hell, I'd probably break out the sandbags, razor wire, and m9s. Heck, soap and water might be enough deterrent for some of 'em. [bleh!]

On a side note, good to see that there still are those willing to take the time to support the troops, even in Berkley.

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Lergnom said...

Check out the Zombietime coverage(uncoverage?) of
'Breasts not Bombs' at


Not your stereotypical California girls(if, in fact, they all are girls)
Stay safe