Friday, September 7, 2007

Admin & Logistics

So, I've been blogging here for something around 7 months now, figuring out how this whole blog thing works (mainly figuring how it doesn't work), expanding my limited computer-a-logicalisticificational skills, spending way too much time surfing around, and generally having a good time.

A few thoughts:

Some really interesting stuff out there.

I do a heck of a lot more surfing than commenting, for a couple of reasons. First of all, a lot of the times other quicker and sharper folks have already made pretty much the exact comment that I was probably going to bumble through. Secondly, I tend to take my time to get a feel for the scenario, on and off the net. Rarely will I just jump into a situation with both feet and take off, unless absolutely necessary, or I have a particularly cheeky comment/wild hair. Thirdly, I am a ninja.


I have linked to quite a few others' blogs, and I hope that I haven't offended anyone too terribly by not announcing myself (see above). For my part, no need to ask me, if you find the stuff here interesting, feel free to link away. [Hmm, is the correct term blog-rolling/linking/warning to other, more easily offended types?] Heck I dunno, whatever it is, knock yerself out. I think that I will most likely link more in my posts for the near future and yes, I realize the irony in commenting about linking without, you know, actually linking to anybody.

On the subject of linking, for anyone who might be curious, the section to the left entitled 'knowledge' is just a random collection of stuff that I find interesting and prolonged thought worthy. I haven't decided if the section is going to be a permanent addition, or if the links themselves will be there forever. They're there for now, and will be for the foreseeable future. Looks like right now most of them are others' blog posts, a few articles, and a group or two. More stuff to come. Oh yeah, 'knowledge', is Marine speak for stuff that Marines are expected to have, know, study, and if needed teach to other Marines. Dunno if I can recite all the stuff as well as the original authors, but that is why I have it right there, easily accessible for future head-scratchin'.


For those who have posted them, any issues? Don't suppose that it is too much of a concern, as this is only one of my email addys, so I suppose that I will throw it out there and see who it hits. I might eventually put it on the main page, under the photo. Anyone who needs to get a hold of me can send salutations, odes, lauds, proclamations of horrendous offence to minorities/genders/preferences/hobbies etc, toasts, dirty pics, inheritance checks, naughty cadence requests, curses, paternity suits, 'hey are you the guy who served on/with...' e-mails, requests for autographs, 'hey this site is cool' notes (thanks Taco, excellent reference), etc to Sergeantmurphy(at) We'll see how much spam that earns me...

So, it's been real, it's been fun, and actually & for once it's been real fun.


Anonymous said...

Been fun on this end ,too, sarge.
Update on the Mom/gun thing?
Tried to edumicate her on center of mass yet? That worries me.

Anonymous said...

For more head scratchin' stuff for knowledge, consider the pandora's box material at the brian wilson site. The radio host, not the beach boy.

he's at Click on links, then library.



Murphy said...

2 Dogs: I think that I got a pretty good start, but it will take some more range time and honest discussion, I believe. Gotta got to the range some more, Darn!

Mike: Brian Wilson has some interesting stuff indeed, thanks.