Thursday, November 13, 2008

What the heck was he thinking?

So a buddy and I were talking about the current political situation and related news about a week back.

Inevitably, the conversation turned to our President-elect.

He's a wee bit more pro-O. than I, but neither of us begrudge the other for our differing views, too much, at least...

I was kind of surprised when, after about 10 minutes or so he made a comment in the vein of, " doesn't really matter how much I like to see the first Black President, 'cause someone's bound to try and take the brotha down n' out, ya know?"

[scratching record sound here]

"Really, you think so?"

He answered in the affirmative.

I might be pessimistic in some ways, but I'm not nearly that pessimistic..

I tried countering that by emphasizing the value of the Secret Service. I spoke about the group as being for the most part well trained, thoroughly vetted, highly motivated and dedicated outfit true to their mission. I told him that with their level of training, standard OCD level of anxiety in every aspect of what they do- hell, it'd almost be worth it (in an academic training sense) to see some turd begin to try something. Of course anything can happen at any time, but I'd be willing to wager that there's a fairly good chance that they'd perform exceedingly well, succeeding at their mission, letting nothing get in their way of accomplishing their tasks, no disctractions whatsoever, driving straight on through...




Sevesteen said...

I don't think anyone will be successful, but I wouldn't want to lay odds on a credible attempt. I hope it doesn't happen, and I hope this guy isn't on the security detail if it does.

Randy said...

I was talking with my future wife about this subject and we were going back and forth about how much Obama's race would be a factor in an assassination plot. I pointed out that quite a few presidents have had attempts made on they're life while in office, other then Reagan and Kennedy, she couldn't think of anyone else.

I didn't look into it at the time, but according to Wikipedia every president since Nixon has had at least one attempt where an arrest was made. Some we're more credible then others of course.

That being said, I hope the Secret Service have a very quite 4 years, Obama is voted out of office as easily as Carter and we can get on with our lives.

ABWF said...

The story you linked to made me laugh the first time I read it (and again now). How in the world did someone stupid enough to do that in uniform and in his squad car manage to make it through the extensive background checks? He must have cracked under the pressure- that was a major bonehead move.

Simeron Steelhammer said...

"No ond can stop a trained assassin who is willing to die to take out thier target unless the get very lucky."

This is what the Secret Service man I talked to in 1984 told me at the special training I was offered before going to my nuke school in the Navy.

I was being looked at for sniper school in a cross train due to my skills with firearms at that young age and had made a comment about the JAR that the Secret Service uses (JAR = Just Another Rifle which blows me away to this day).

Not much later in the mid 90s, we see someone run up to Pres. Bill Clinton during his morning jog and shake hands with him...ran right by the five agents around the president and apparently slipped by all the other ones watching POTUS.

I don't wish assassination on anyone duely elected by the people, regardless of personal choice. We are ruled by civilized law (hopefully) not the law of the jungle. Might does not equal right, just enforcability.

This being said, it would not surprise me at all to see Obama face down in a widening pool of his own blood from a head shot at long range or from a point blank volley and the assassin simply dropping the weapon and going "Take me" to the agents.

Our so called society has far to many that have been taught thier worth is all that matters and that murder is no big deal. Add to this how many nutcases are out in the world looking to make thier mark on history, the fact that Obama is setting himself up to disappoint ALOT of people willing to die to take out everyday people, much less the President and the job of Secret Service Agent now becomes even more a Rolaid moment that lasts forever.

And the agent was right, that lady in the pic DOES have nice legs...and a little on the job stress relief is understandable.

Not acceptable..but understandable.

Bob G. said...

I'm concerned about the racial fallout from such an attempt (that would most likely fail anyway).

But it's the "people at distance" I'm even more concerned about, as well as some IED-totin' loon that wants to "make a statement".
We're no longer in the days of Hinckley...or Fromm.

If someone wants something bad enough...they will somehow find some manner to make it eventually happen.

But I sure hope to hell I'm wrong...for so many reasons.

Carry On.

Strings said...

Steelhammer nailed it, I think. He's got his race against him, the promises he won't be able to fulfill, and so on. You couldn't pay me enough to be on his SS detail...

Old NFO said...

There are almost always attempts... some make the media and some don't. It's pretty sad when your buddy automatically assumes Obama will be killed because of his color, and pretty much and insult to the SS people!

The real hell would be IF, and I hope it doesn't occur, the shooter were black- Remeber the DC Sniper case?

Anonymous said...

Overheard at a hunters' meal break somewhere in Europe, a month or so ago, translated approximately:

"Sure, Obama can win an election. I'd think it'd be a bit harder for him to stay alive through the term, Americans being all funny about persons of color."

(I expect that the person who said that has at least visited some other EU member state than our own, but no idea if he's travelled any further. I'm just saying, there are certain stereotypical expectations about American politics...)