Friday, August 8, 2008

Bad Boys Bad Boys...

Something interesting happened a little while back... some a-hole broke into Mom's house.

Lemme 'splain.

A little while back, Mom had decided to buy a house up in the central Texas area, to be closer to kiddos. Anyways, I spent a 'fun'-filled day house shopping with Mom. It wasn't 'fun' because I had to spend it with Mom (don't mind that, not at all), but because I had to spend it shopping. All friggin' day. For Houses. In what (because of my work schedule) was my middle of the night. Guess who was at work before and shortly after shopping for houses?


I've noticed quite a bit more news blurbs and articles in the recent years about thieves breaking into construction sites and zapping themselves to death, getting trapped in grill vents, and whatnot. While it always warms my little heart to hear of these occasions (more like warms theirs, actually *drum crash*), I was always curious to think about what would happen around here. Not much, I assumed. I know that the price of materials is factored into the price of the new homes, and any costs associated with theft are basically passed on to the purchaser.

It was the new house that the guy was breaking into, not the one down in the Valley that she currently lives in.

Unfortunately, it wasn't me that discovered the guy, but a neighbor-friend.

I've heard this story a small number of friends removed, so while I can't swear on a stack of Mom's blueberry pancakes, the general details goes like this;

Said neighbor lady friend decided to take her newborn out for a stroll one evening. She loaded up her little Princess in her stroller, checked to make sure that she had provisions for the trip around the block it seems like all new Mommas have (keys, cell-phone, bubble wrap, band-aids, bazooka, teething-ring, snacks, toys, etc...) and set off. Her house is just up the street from my own, which is located on the corner. Passing my house, Mom's new house is on the other side of the street, one house down.

With a new house, there's a lot of activity, a large number of guys in construction, plumbing, wiring, and whatnot. There's guys delivering first mainly lumber and concrete, then stuff like cabinets and railings. It's not a huge deal to see vans, SUVs, pick-ups, and cars parked all over the place.

It's not terribly common to see them parked there after dark, though...

So apparently while friend was walking by Mom's house, she noticed another interesting fact.

Previously mentioned goober was bringing stuff OUT of the house, and not IN.

*bring... bring...*

Our local Po-po was kind of keen on having a word or three with said guy, and was prompt in arriving to their impromptu meeting. I heard that they even brought the guy a nice set of bracelets for him to wear.


You know, come to think of it, mebbe it was a good thing I wasn't the one to catch him....


Old NFO said...

Yeah, probably :-) You didn't want to do all that paperwork anyway...

Glad you've got attentive neighbors!

Mark said...

Yeah, it would really be bad to have to clean your weapon right before having to go to work.... ;o)

Murphy said...

old nfo - Most definitely.

mark - yeah, kind of a pain in the (hmmm, his?) butt...

Bobby G. said...

Be thankful you have neighbors who don't mind watching the "occasional six" as the need arises.
And I'll bet those "bracelets" fit PETRFECTLY, too.

It's tough being a lone wolf (like in MY neighborhood in Ft. Wayne, IN) me.
(wonder how the city feels about a "average" citizen applying for combat pay?)