Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day


As if anyone could forget, right?

In honor of this most important (right now, anyways, commercially speaking) day, I wanted to post a love song. A song about true love, romantic love, all the things that makes one tingle.

Ah yes, this'll do.

'For Me', by Stephen Lynch.

n.b. As a comedian, Mr. Lynch is quite the funny guy... er-to my sense of humor. For any of those that might wander the halls of youtube for more of his stuff, stand by to be offended. Heck, y'all probably will be offended by this, right here, by content and language.

As for me, I love it.

Now that we have that first one done (hope the soda stain will come out of the carpet and off the computer screen), here's another 'love song'.

'She Gotta Smile', also by Mr. Lynch.

This one could be about a number of Marines that I know - his friend, that is...


Snigs said...

but I figure I'd best wait 'til I get home. :-D

Snigglefrits said...

Glad I waited until I got home.

I figure I better like it, as the alternative offered wasn't very romantic for Valentine's Day. :-D

Hammer said...

Yep good stuff!