Friday, February 8, 2008

Funky Music & Geek Solidarity

I was cruising throught ye olde blogroll today, when I happened to chace upon Speaker's post.

I too, am a geek from back in the day. I can be found listening to all kinds of music, many types that would definitely make some of y'all shudder, giggle, hurl, and/or cry tears of boredom.

Like I wrote in his comments, beat boxing's not really something that I would normally go for, but there is something to be said for dedication and creative musicallity. Course, that got me thinking about John Pointer (If you're curious, go to 'audio samples', and listed to 'The Flame' - good stuff), ...and after an extended scenic tour throughout various video sites, I landed on an old favorite, John Butler. This guy... well, this guy is not one that I would ever think that I would enjoy listening to, what with the hair (dreds), nails (ouch), and politics (hippy) - but man, can he play.

You go, you hippy man, you!


SpeakerTweaker said...


That guy was incredible.

And yes, those were some nails...


Snigglefrits said...

He's very good...and has a look that just screams Radio! ;-)

Thanks for sharing Murphy.