Friday, February 22, 2008


Apparently, I have made notice on a few forums, here and there. To the latest group of guys and gals, welcome!

In the vein of greetings and (more) present time stories, I thought I'd mention the to-date few shooting competitions that I've attended. The first one was pretty interesting, if not a little frustrating.

Arriving at the range, I noticed that there seemed to be about the regular percentages of folks there. Mostly older (than me) men, a few ladies, a few younger guys. Some were obviously current or former LE or military, some were just regular shooters. A fairly wide range of weapons present, heavily favoring glocks and ARs.

There was a number of commandos present, complete with LBVs, cammies, and roughly one of every accessory for their particular Evil Black Weapons of Mindless Death and Destruction.

Lessons learned:

1) Going a couple of years without shooting a rifle will show. Alot. Dammit.

2) Going slooooow and dusting off the rifle memories will still result in hits. Slow hits, but hits.

3) Some people collect stamps or books. Others play billiards. Some (civilian commandos) apparently do nothing but shoot. And buy camo. Thankfully, I kept my pie-hole shut when it came to commentary on the fashion selection & sense of some of those shooters.

4) Funny how introducing a few scenarios, barriers, and time restrictions can really put a kink into my self-alleged pistol sniper abilities. I still maintain that I shot multiple shots through the same hole... in the moving target...riiight.

5) I probably didn't do as terrible as I imagined when it came to just the pistol. Transitioning from the pistol to rifle to back again, however... I bet I looked like I was friggin' juggling flaming bowling balls through a brain lock, or something. My rifle mag changes look like I've never seen a magazine. Or a rifle. Or my hands.

6) I'm envious of those couples that both truly enjoy shooting.

7) Like a couple of martial arts I've been involved with, the ones you really have to keep an eye on aren't those that are young, in shape, or geared to the nines. It's not that they aren't good, but it's those sneaky devils, soft-spoken, humble, plainly equipped but well trained, and with more than a few grey hairs that you really gotta watch. Even if you can't really appreciate all of what they're doing, watch 'em. Seriously. Wow.

All in all, it was a very good experience. Those that I spoke to were most helpful in explaining the rules and regs for the occasion. Info and advice were free flowing, all day and in all areas. There was just the right amount of good natured ribbing when it came to the shooting. There was much food for thought when it came to experiences and areas to focus on in self-practice.


threadbndr said...

I miss my shooting partners (when my late husband passed away, I lost my access to the Hiway Patrol range.), but Marine!Goth and I checked out the local membership ranges when he was home on leave last week! FUN! I'm trying to decide which one I'll join when the trial memberships are up.

My dad was one of those quiet, grey haired guys. He taught me how to shoot, and intimidated the h*!! out of my boyfriends, though he was only 5'7" and maybe 175 soaking wet. The Marine!Goth looks like a slightly taller version. But then they say that Marines come in two varieties - Doberman and Rotweiler - skinny mean and husky mean LOL.

Mark said...

You forgot pitbull, huge an mean.....

Anonymous said...

Going a few years will show.....I know that's right! I went almost my entire pregnancy and most of her first year without shooting, then-WOW, no skills. I'm gonna go broke buying range ammo! LOL

Murphy said...

threadbndr: Good stuff. I wish I had a large selection around, but the one I go to isn't too far away and is very open minded as long as safety is maintained.

Your dad sounds like a heck of a guy.

mark: Kinda feel like I'm turning into a Marine basset hound: slow, braying, and at times prone to digging myself into a hole.

kvegas911: you had a good excuse, what with the baby n' all. Me... not so much. Better late than never, though...

Old NFO said...

Beware the old man with one gun and the bluing rubbed off :-)