Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Looks like I zigged when I should have zagged, I puked when I should have juked, I... you get the idea. Seems that Ron 'The Geographically Unlikely Pirate' ran out of other options and figured that I might be meme-worthy. Thanks... I think.

Share Seven Weird things about yourself.

The rules are as follows: Simply link to the person who tagged you. SHARE SEVEN WEIRD things about yourself. Tag SEVEN bloggers to do the same AND include a link to their blog. Let each person know that they have been tagged and finally post the rules on your blog.

One. I have a terrible sense of smell. Good thing for past extended periods of stinky time, whether due to my own personal man funk, partially-to-completely disassembled enemy bits, day-after burrito night head calls, to suicidal skunks on the frontage road of IH-35. That is not all together weird, I suppose. The fact that the scent of gasoline is oddly pleasing to my obviously refined schnozz, is.

Two. Culinary delights. I have eaten a lot of crazy stuff, and that's not from any kind of high-speed sneaky-squirrel training, neither. Heck, most of that is just from growing up a boy and having family in another country. Favorite dish: what is essentially spicy bull's heart (on a stick, no less) and pastries. An odd combination, but it works for me.

Three. I was voted 'Most Likely to become a Priest' in highschool. Heh, I could have told ya that one wasn't going to work out a long time ago...

Four. Despite all my stories of libo and barroom memories, I'm not much of a drinker, nowadays. Heck, the last time I got fushnookered, it was just off the plane from Iraq, and I got so sloshed, I must have had a case... of tequila.

Ok, all right, it was beer.

So it wasn't a case, all right? Must have been a half-case, at least.


All right, dammit! It was two and a half beers, and believe me, I was feeling pretty good.

I'm a cheap date, I guess.

Five. I can be kind of a ADHD-procrastinator, at times, so I suppose that I might have to tap ol' sniggly, at least until I can think of the last few items and blogg- oh, look! Shiny!



Snigglefrits said...

Thanks Murphy. I'll take you out for drinks to show my appreciation- 2 beers and you should be knee-walking, right? :-D

Snigglefrits said...

Ok Sgt. Murphy, mission accomplished! Basically, more or less, for the most part.

Oh and where you don't feel like an oddball- I've always liked the smell of gasoline and diesel fuel too. But I will not drink catshit coffee with you. No way, no how.

Murphy said...

One time, ONE TIME!! Heck, I wasn't the only one that noticed a severe decline on their liquid abilities. [chuckle] Probably the one occasion where the drunkard can honestly say, "I've only had 2 beers". Thankfully, none of us said that to some officer after driving.

I ain't drinking 'catshit coffee' neither. I don't care how great it might be.

Ron said...

Sounds like you need this shirt: Seriously, you could only come up with 5?

In regards to #1, when I was a cop, about the only thing my nose registered was alcohol and pot. Which was very useful in that line of work.

The Geographically Unlikely Pirate

Unrelated question: Why is the spambot-confirmation test called a "Word Verification"? I never get words, I get stuff like:
I Googled that and didn't find any matching documents!

Murphy said...


Yeah, I know, a cheap 'cop'-out, but better some than none, I guess.

Love the shirt!