Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Walks, It Talks...

Well, not really, but y'all already knew that.

See, what had happened was that families, doing what they do, tend to expand with the additions of new little ones. A particular little one, curious and with a mischievous monkey-like climbing abilities, managed to apparently to defeat the eagle eye of his mommy, hump up a set of stairs, and either did a max set of pull-ups on the fancy bed blanket thing or directly onto the bedside hooya where I kept my laptop.

Yup, "kept".

Seems to me that HP make a pretty good laptop, as it was fairly old, and considering who used it (moi), you can bet it was pretty much the definition of used hard and put up wet.

It was not, apparently, drop proof.

I thought it was a cute touch, however, when My Love had placed the laptop back on my bedside thingy (table? dresser?), with the power cable's new jaunty 45 degree angle connection to the laptop, and all but completely recessed into the body of the laptop.

Yeah, it was kaput. Would've cost more to fix it than it was worth, all my pics were duped onto the pc and on disc... so, yeah, it's sitting up on my closet shelf, perhaps waiting for a final use at the range, one of these days...

You might be pleased to know that while I declined to mete out any punishment due to the young age of the offender (under 3), not even researching local and country-wide orphanages, I have started a runing countdown, all for the momma's sake, of course, of when that little booger turns of legal age to be sent away to Marine boot camp.

Internet access has been apparently noticeably sporadic since, but hopefully, not too much longer.