Friday, September 4, 2009

WTF, Over.

When I was in Iraq we had, on occasion, the odd journalist or two posted at our FOB. Officially, we were to extend every courtesy, if asked. We were instructed to provide non-sensitive information if questioned and, for even a suggestion of uncertainty, to professionally and politely refer them to our chain of command, blah, blah, blah.

Unofficially, the word got out that they were to be regarded in the highest of suspicion.

We went with the unofficial word.

This is a pretty good representation of why.



Condolences go out, of course, to the families of the translator and the soldier.


Sabra said...

Sadly, as a meta-issue, this sort of thing is not at all unusual for the press. I've seen lots & lots of local photos of sheet-covered bodies, cars that people were killed in with blood splattered about, etc.

It's worse here, of course. But I can't say I'm surprised (especially since something quite similar has happened before).

Old NFO said...

The REAL issue was he was recognizable... sheet covered bodies are one thing, your last memory of your child is seeing him with his leg blown off is NEVER going to go away... @#^& assholes...

Sabra said...

I think he was recognizable. The damn photo should never have made it off the photographer's camera (I'd like to say it should never have made it on to the camera, but you know how that is). Too damn many "photojournalists" lose their humanity when behind that viewfinder, and they think everyone else does too. I've got a real problem with the idea that you should never let emotion in the way of a good shot.

Brandon said...

Bastards. Bloodthirsty, sensationalist bastards.

Anonymous said...

Mr and Mrs Bernard requested that photograph not be used. In this opinion, there is NOTHING to justify the AP's decision. Please excuse me, Sgt, but damn them for the pain they caused the Bernard family.

Anonymous said...

Not that the outrage isn't justified, but I feel at least one person should point to a responsible journalist. Just because some of them do unspeakable things doesn't mean those who tell a truthful story should be looked down on.

May Bernard rest in peace.

Just John said...

Gates nailed it in his request, and his response. This is disgusting.

Paul, UK said...

After reading that I came to comment to leave a link to Michael Yon, and can see that someone has beat me to it!

Outstanding war coverage, and not linked directly with any newspaper as far as I know.

So in that case I'll simply second anonymous' comments. If there's one blog of that type you read his should be it.