Monday, September 14, 2009

Whoda thunkit?

Holy moly, did y'all hear about this?

Kayne West Told to Leave VMAs After Upsetting Taylor Swift

Now, to be fair, all I really know of these two is 1) She's purdy and 2) She's how young? 3) Hasn't this schmuck done stuff like this before?

Not really sure I could name any songs either have done. Might be able to get kinda close with one or two, and I'm reasonably sure I could point out a song or three if I heard 'em, but that's not what gets me about this story.

What really sticks out to me after hearing about his outburst at her award reception is,

MTV is playing music videos? When did this happen?


Bob G. said...

Yeah, she IS purdy...and CAN SING.
(unlike "mister" Engage mouth before brain is in gear, who is not...and can't)

((West also blamed President Bush for Katrina's aftermath...granted, response WAS SLOW, but you couldn't really get boots on the ground...(or was that boots in the the SEALS?) while sh*t was STILL coming apart like a cheap sweater.
The MAYOR & GOVERNOR should have manned up FIRST to get the ball rolling...and they did next to nothing! HUNDREDS of schoolbuses sat idle and were flooded.
Have a buddy in the local PD who went down there...cripes, he was looking like he was gone to KABUL...not NOLA!!!))

Kanye West's a shrub...period.
The kind of guy you WANT to send out at a minefield...AT NIGHT...telling him to "just put yer hands over yer ears, Gomer"!

Then again the rudeness expressed by people of late is a serious "red flag" that we need some damn MANNERS put back into this nation of ours.
(present company excluded)

Military manners wouldn't be bad.

--MTV needed to play music videos when they ran short of commericals and gab-fests...(just a hunch)?

But, this is all just *my* opinion, Boss!

Carry On.

Sabra said...

Ms. Swift is legal in all states, Murphy. I remember the internet parties when she hit 18.

My girls are all big fans of hers.

I'm somewhat amazed that no one's standing by Kanye this time; God knows they covered for him with his "George Bush hates black people" outburst a few years ago.

Snigglefrits said...

I still think she should have crowned him with the damned microphone- repeatedly.

Many years ago, when you were probably still in diapers, MTV played music videos. I quit watching it around the mid 80s though and they quit playing as many videos somewhere right after that I'm told. ;)

Oh, and it's good to know you're still kickin'!

the pistolero said...

Yeah, she IS purdy...and CAN SING
I'd have to seriously beg to differ with the latter part of that statement. But she didn't deserve what Kanye did to her.

Old NFO said...

I think Kayne does that crap on purpose, he sure as hell can't sing, and is pretty much a non-entity unless he pulls crap like this to get media attention (I 'think' he's a media whore).

SpeakerTweaker said...

They still host the Video Music Awards, which is indicative of a lack of a full-time Editor-of-Irony at MTV.

And yes, that's the same douchebag that publicly claimed (alongside Oprah Win-Free, mind you) that George Bush hates black people.

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