Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick quiz; when I say the phrase, 'Hello Dolly', what first comes to mind?

1) 'Crap, another lonely night without a date.'
2) Another bad joke referencing the current weather situation.
3) Some (apparently) pretty popular musical, about... something.
4) Marine Corps PT.

What, never heard of that particular exercise? Lemme 'splain...

Start off by lying on your back, hands in fists underneath your butt. Feet together, now raise 'em six inches of the deck (floor). Hold it there... feel the burn, yet? Good. Now, Hello Dollies are a 4 count exercise, meaning the count is, 'one, two, three, ONE, one, two, three, TWO, one, two, three, THREE, etc. From the position of feet together and six inches off the deck, on 'one', you spread your legs, keeping your li'l footsies off the ground (Hello, Dolly!). 'Two', bring your feet together. 'Three', spread 'em. 'ONE', together. All 'o that counts for one repetition, if you keep your feet off the ground, you and everyone else in the platoon. At the end of the exercise, everyone needs to hold their feet six inches off the deck for about 10 seconds, to really enjoy the burn.

Now do about a million of those things.

A really good burn and a decent exercise, they were pretty popular in my units. A little too popular, you might say, considering there weren't even any 'Dollies' in any of my platoons...

I was talking to Mom the other day about the storm coming in, and asked if she was making any plans to come visit. She answered in the negative, mainly because she's a few hours inland, and she doesn't have enough kitty and doggy carriers to go around right now(she's the neighborhood animal lady).

By the by, this is a really good opportunity to go and re-read LawDog's excellent posts on evacuations, the link is over to the left. Really, I dunno what you're doing here when his blog is still on the 'net, but if you've recently re-read all of his posts, guess you have to have something to do...

So, where was I, ah yes, Mom and weather. Weather as of yesterday at the old house was just fine, not even raining, yet, but I'll probably give her another call or two, just because.

I must admit, it's interesting to see some of my old stomping grounds in the news, hopefully all this business just 'blows over' (ah!, I kill me!)

Best part about the weather?

Definitely those poor schmucks out there for news channels, explaining how there's been a mandatory evacuation for all souls... right in the area they're in. As the camera man falls to the ground from the wind, rain blowing sideways, the rookie (gotta be a rook, right?) newscaster leans over into the shot, narrowly dodging flying trees, small cows, and various debris to continue the segment.

Nah, on second thought, this is the best.


Sabra said...

We got rain. And a tornado! Not near us, thank God, but on the south side. No one was injured, thankfully. For a couple of days there, it was only in the low-90s for a high.

(I'm just gonna ignore the exercise thing.)

Bobby G. said...

When you described the P/T...somehow I KNOW you MEANT to say "try doing this with COMBAT BOOTS ON".
Now THAT is a "fun" experience during "happy hour"...NOT!