Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I didn't ask...

This is probably old news to most of y'all, being as I recently noticed it on the boob tube, but I saw an interesting commercial recently.

Yup, the Snickers ad.

Seems some folks got their panties in a twist over the ad.

I have to admit, when I first heard about the hub-bub over the ad, I pegged it as just another fringe group(s?) with a professional interest in being offended. Seems that there's so many of these groups, all running around in a lather complete with high-pitched shrieks that I normally just tune 'em out.

For whatever reason, I decided to think this one through.

Let's see here... the argument against this one was something along the lines of it being homophobic, offensive to gays, or painting them in a bad light, etc.

Ok, let's go to the tape, then...

Got a guy here, out for his morning exercise. Granted, speed walking isn't something that I'd normally do, but I wouldn't exactly call it 'gay', just for that. I've seen some of those guys, and I'm pretty sure they can do their walk-thing faster than I run, especially now-a-days. Heck, there's a bunch of stuff out there that might appear to some to be fruity, but on further examination, it's anything but. For example,

1) Male ballet dancers.

Ole Mickey. Fantastically in shape, helluva dancer, not gay... I think.

2) Bodybuilders.

Heck, the 'Governator' could probably still kick my ass. If you want to see something interesting, ask one of those gym rats to demonstrate a 'donkey calf raise' with (on) you. *heheh...*

3) Basketball players.

Ok, that's disturbing... I was cool (and oddly excited) with all the ass-slapping, sweaty dudes, and the occasional wet-man show after the games but I dunno about this...

So anyways, back to the commercial in question. Guy's running along when all of a sudden, old Mr. T. comes outta nowhere to give him a 'hard' time.


A guy from an old tv show and professional wrestling (more sweaty dudes, rubbin' all over each other), a man known for wearing more jewelry than any half-dozen girlies, or at least three drag queens, a guy whos very personae is that of super (painfully so?) masculinity, derides the other guy of being a 'disgrace to the man race'. Kinda overly accusatory and hypocritical, no?

Old B.A. Baraccus (what's that stand for anyways, Bad 'Ass'?) then commences with shooting sweet and tasty chocolate confections out of - is that rainbow colored? - 'long barreled' machine gun?

The end of the commercial, y'all heard it?

"GET SOME NUTS!" --- Mr. T. (growling, no less)

You know, I think those folks got something here... granted, I don't pick my friends based upon what they like to do with who, so mebbe I haven't seen the whole gamut of different gay personalities in the few "man's men" that I've known, but none of my buddies would ever go around acting like that... at least I hope not.

Besides, I'm kinda partial to M&Ms, myself.


karla (threadbndr) said...

Yep, the walking and race-walking community is pretty ticked off by this one, too - and not for the reason you've stated.

It's a funny, goofy ad. And I totally get the humor, really.

But as a walker who has actually almost been hit TWICE by cars or things deliberately flung at me from cars, it's not as funny from that perspective.

Snigglefrits said...

I have no opinion on the ad. It neither motivates me to buy Snickers, but it doesn't twist my knickers in any shape, form or fashion either. I think anymore everything offends someone, so I don't pay any of it much attention.

B.A. supposedly stood for Bad Attitude. I don't remember them ever calling B.A. by a name and Hannibal always said that was what the initials stood for. Honestly, I was too busy watching him, Face, & H.M. (Howling Mad) Murdock to pay Mr. T's character much attention. ;)

Murphy said...

karla, a bunch of beanbags might be good for the resistance value. Should it be needed, it might make life interesting for those who need 'em more than you...

snigs, I'm offended by your lack of offense!

Snigglefrits said...

Bah! Can't win!

karla (threadbndr) said...

I carry a cell phone with me all the time now. Between the hit and run on the traffic sign (3 meter near miss on me) and the beer can that bounced off my camelback AND the middle of the road domestic dispute that I was an unwilling witness to ........ To say nothing of various roming and feral dogs and foxes.......

Who knew that walking was so dangerous? And a contact sport to boot LOL.

(The Marine!Goth says "CC permit, Mom. Now.) In the mean time, beanbags aren't a bad idea.

KrigsRotte said...

I can tell you why I, a gay man who gets mistaken for straight no matter how many rainbow pins I wear, feel majorly pissed off at whoever thought up that ad. It's uncomfortably close to this sick shit.

I don't center my life around dissociating myself from flaming queers. No Limp Wrist Cabal is forcing me to put more swish in my stride. On the contrary - the society is forcing masculine women and feminine men to deny themselves, sometimes at the cost of their lives. I'm closer in demeanor to Mr T than to the group this miserable excuse for a copywriter wanted us to think about when s/he wrote that piece of crap ad, and by gods, I'd like five minutes alone with that individual.

Lergnom said...

It seems like today, everybody is offended about everything, and I find that offe... uh, never mind.
B.A.'s first name was Bosco. It was mentioned in only one episode that I know of.

Stay safe

Bobby G. said...

Gee, and here I am preferring the SNICKERS DARK CHOCOLATE bars to the milk chocolate ones...
(I got

I pity the fool....!


(no posies on MY "ma deuce", thank you, & save the BLUE M&M's for me, OK?)

Murphy said...

Snigs - "Soy... una perdedor... I'm a loser baby...."

Karla = Shame on you, no CC?

Krigsrotte - No argument against that sick bastard; three years old, Jesus... Some folks just deserve to have that whole 'cruel and unusual punishment' thing just tossed right out the friggin' window.

lergnom - Bosco, huh? Cool, thanks. And I'm offended by those who get offended by those who are... uh, that.

bobby g. - Yeah, you can take the blue ones, 'cause I called dibs on the green ones... *ahem* ladies? *ahem*