Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Mess With Texas


Short version;

Soldiers are out on patrol in Afghanistan. Their patrol gets hit.


Five guys are down. The doc, a Specialist Brown (of Lake Jackson, Texas), grabs the aid bag and goes to town.

Incoming small arms and mortars, danger close.

Doc moves the soldiers (500+ yds) and patches some holes, by all accounts doing a helluva job. Doc's getting awarded the silver star.

Any question as to why grunts love their docs?

Oh yeah, the kicker to this story, about the doc?

She's 19.



Old NFO said...

This should put a whole lotta crap to rest about people's capabilities...

Good on her!

Fire Fox said...

Hats off to Specialist Brown and all the other men and women who endlessly go above and beyond. Thanks for sharing this... I'm going to share it with my 17 year old daughter.

The Captain said...

Helluva job, Specialist Brown.