Monday, November 19, 2007


Don't you just love it when you find some money that you had long since forgotten about?

I just found around 7000 big ones!

Now, before the air gets thick with muttered curses, proposals of marriage, and the occasional naughty-lookin' bra (J-cup, natch), I should probably mention that those bills that I just found were Iraqi dinars, not U.S. dollars.


At some of the larger bases, there were areas where small stalls were set up in a market specializing in local stuffs. You could find all kinds of mementos, Iraqi smokey treats, and a restaurant or two. Those shops would usually give your change in dinars, whenever possible, and 7000 was just what I would up with in my pocket when I came home.

I think it came out to about 4 dollars at the time.

Some of the more enterprising money-schemers in the platoon were going crazy. Seems like every unit has one or two, but in Iraq, with the large number of units all crammed onto the same base, all of the money-loonies congregated at the conversion area. They always knew the conversion figure down to the second or third decimal, and were already making plans for the oodles of cash that they were going to make from their latest and greatest scheme.

Interesting point.

For all of the in-country plans of investments like stocks, buying property, fixing up houses, etc. there sure was a lot of new motorcycles and trucks after we got back to the 'land of the big px'.

One of the more popular plans was to take some dollars and convert them to dinars. Some guys would take around 100 bucks, and some would take paycheck(s). In talking to one of my guys with a trash bag full of dinars, he tried to explain the theory. In a nutshell, the prevailing thought was that 'someday' the dinar would be worth a lot more compared to the dollar. If the dinar only went up to half the value of the dollar, the one dollar that one changed into 2000 dinars a number of years back would be worth a lot more. Makes sense, right?

Like a lot of other things that 'make sense', I decided to not jump into the waters with both feet. Figured that the surest way to guarantee that it might actually work would be for me not to get anywhere near it.

I'm keeping half an eye on it, however, and if in 30 years I'm proven wrong, besides tearing out what little hair I'll probably have then, I'll be making plenty of phone calls, 'cause I expect a cut of the earnings for not cursing 'the plan', dangit!


Snigglefrits said...

Damn, I was this close to proposing marriage. Damn. With all the money the Nigerians keep promising me and your dinars, we could rule the world Murphy.

Just think about it. :-D

Old NFO said...

LOL- I heard the same shit in Nam, except it was piasters, which they wanted us to fly to the Phillipines to change into Pesos, then to Hong Kong to change into something else... The only one I ever knew that was successful made his money on sea shells from Diego Garcia, then uncut rubies from Chaing Mai, Thailand. He made enough in two years to buy TWO condos at Wakiki.

karla (threadbndr) said...

If it helps - I have my dad's wwII bar roll - all kinds of bills taped end to end and autographed by buddies, bar girls and so forth.

More interesting as memoribila than investment, I'm afraid.

Murphy said...

snigglefrits: Hmm, with the $$$ you get from those friendly internet guys, and the $$$ I can get selling those pills for that 'certain male area' (Gah, I hate those commercials), why, we could make... (pinkie to lip)... billions?

Old NFO: Party at yer buddies place, then!

Karla: Amen. I got lots of bills from about 15 different countries, not worth much in exchange, worth a bunch in memories.

Old NFO said...

Trust me Murph, I do :-)

Snigglefrits said...

Let me know when you're ready then Murphy, we'll start taking over the world. Maybe we could start with Hawaii or someplace like that. :-D