Friday, May 4, 2007


Camp Cupcake, Iraq.

On an interior wall of this one chow hall on Camp Cupcake past the salad bar, ice cream bins, and dessert display, was the big screen TV.

Yes freaken' way.

The tube was usually turned to a big name news network, and was always on during the meal times. Occasionally, one would find that it would be turned to a European news channel, or a game in progress. One day, I went in for the evening meal, and found that a European music video station was on. In the country where 'seeing a little T 'n A' means 'Toes 'n Ankles', and after long, long months of not seeing curvy loved ones, this was playing. For those 2:58, not a word was said, bite of food taken, hell, I doubt anyone blinked.

Afterwards, I shit you not, standing ovation.

The chow hall was packed from then on.


Matt G said...

Superb motivation.

Johnny Law said...

Sweet sweet Jesus...

DW said...

Thats what we fight for. How the hell do you sign up for that class?
Excersise? Hell, I want to be the leotard!!!