Sunday, June 27, 2010

Word, as in The


Verily, for I say unto thee, go here and read.

Amen, n' stuff.

ETA: Ruh-Roh, for those with no FB account, try here.


Peter said...

Doesn't work for those of us who aren't on Facebook, Murph.

WV: troth. Yeah, in troth it doesn't work! :-)

Bob G. said...



I'll say one might not post all that often (of late)...but when you's PRICELESS!

Good to see 'ya "back on active duty".

Carry On!

Marco Crupi said...

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The Loon said...

We dost trod over to yon pastures and can't ceaseth the LOL's!

P.S. Glad you weren't kidnapped by an evil troll......or, if you were, you returned.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Brilliant! That's pure comedy gold.


Bob G. said...

What's the gig?

We miss your postings!
Please come back.

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