Thursday, October 29, 2009


For your viewing pleasure... click and marvel at the dainty tinkle of this zoomie's sterling silver set o' balls!


n.b. Grunts may want to put down any and all beverages before watching the video. Seriously, I think I damn near literally busted my gut.


Bob G. said...

So, where is the INTENSITY, anyway?

(cargomaster load it onto a Herc?)

Used to be a time when (I swear) the USAF had "retired" marine DI/TI's serving up "happy hour" to the ALL hours!
(and then there were the "nature walks" 0300 hours)

And what the fark are those cute light sticks all about?
It's called ACCLIMATE yourself to NIGHTTIME, dummies!
Cripes, I thought this platoon was going out to assist parking some aircraon the taxiway with those things...LOL!
(that what I remember them being used for)

Of ALL the other servicemen and vets I've known, the MARINES still get the BEST AND HARDEST training (per boot), next to SF units...period!

And I wouldn't wanna argue the point WITH a devil dog....

'Nuff said.
Carry On.

Sabra said...

Shit. My brother was in the Air Force. He was bored even in basic training! I've spent a lot of time around the Air Force, both on account of growing up in SA and because there's always been a base near where the ex was stationed (except in Groton)...Yeah, they're not anywhere near as hard-core as the Marines, and most of 'em will tell you that!

Bob Perrow said...

My youngest son is USMC and now my youngest daughter wants to join the AF. I'll lay odds both of them crap their pants at this news!!!

Old NFO said...

YGTBSM... sigh...

threadbndr said...

OLD NFO WTF? Anacronym translation..... please????

VF = subpr <<- what threads feels like when she needs a translator

Anonymous said...

This civilian is still laughing at did you so delicately put it...his "sterling silver set o' balls". Although you have to hand it to those AF recruits....those white shirts sure are clean. LOLOLOL

Murphy said...

Bob G: I'd be (grudgingly) inclined to agree with you re: training difficulty, compared to SF units, but then again, SF training ain't initial training, by a loooong shot. I rather tend to believe, just based on the few SF guys I've had the privelege of knowing, that they'd be good to go wherever they started.

They're not all bad, but it's fun to push some buttons...

YGTBSM = You Got To Be (kidding) Me

I almost gave him 'big brassy ball' credit, but then again, dainty works pretty good there, if I do say so myself!

Old NFO said...

You got it Murph... :-)

Anonymous said...

If that's the AF story, then why have they delayed their new PT Standard? Flightlines says "the real reason might be fear that large numbers of out-of-shape airmen will fail the test."

FlightLines: The real reason for the PT delay

Staff report
Posted : Tuesday Dec 1, 2009 17:52:28 EST

The Air Force says it pushed back the implementation of tighter PT standards by six months for three reasons: Bases didn’t get money to hire civilians to man new fitness assessment cells; the Pentagon still hasn’t approved the new PT Air Force Instruction; and airmen need more time to learn about the new standards.

Air Force Times reporter Mike Hoffman thinks the real reason might be fear that large numbers of out-of-shape airmen will fail the test.

Unknown said...

Yeah, they're not anywhere near as hard-core as the Marines, and most of 'em will tell you that!

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Bakersfield Photographer said...

Yeah, this really sounds persuasive. I wonder if I could get in their team.

Unknown said...

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