Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A pretty good example of my wicked-awesome 'puter skillz. Unfortunately, now I have to worry about that worm / viurs / thingy timed for today, anybody else having these kind of issues?

n.b. #1 warning: language.

n.b. #2 minesweeper rocks!


Bob G. said...

So good.
Everything 5x5 @ our LP.

I haven't seen Castle Wolfenstein in AGES!
(...don't shoot the doggie)

That's why we have a backup for our backup 'puter, kapeesh?
Forewarned IS forearmed!

Carry on.

Hammer said...

I used AVG and it found about 7 trojans..and not the lubricated kind either..

So no problems so far

Hilarious video!

Old NFO said...

Funny video :-) And yep, they work and live among us... :-)