Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Pressure...

Mark has recently asked me to come onto his show. Apparently, he doesn't really like it anymore, and wants me to come on so that BTR will magically crash and burn into oblivion.

Kidding of course, but... Murphy's Law, anyone?

Listening to posts is something that I only recently have gotten into, heck Blogging is something that I am still relatively new to, but I have to say there has been some interesting stuff on his show. I particularly enjoyed putting a voice to some of the bloggers that I enjoy reading. I still think that there are some much more interesting folks out there [my eyes wandering to screen left - oh hey, look at that, there's still some folks I've left out, dangit...], but if he wants to work some bugs out of the system with me, then I suppose I'm cool with that.

Schedule wise it kind of appears (pending his okay of course) that more often than not Wednesdays or Thursdays are probably going to be the evenings that I will be available for public amusement and/or ridicule in That time of the year is fast approaching when schedules get filled up with all sorts of work, family, and other obligations, combine that with any schedule that he already has, and it might be a little while before we actually get me the green light. Further e-mails will be forthcoming, and I am sure that he'll probably put something up when it's time for me to go on his show. I might even have something on here, as well.


Snigglefrits said...

Hearty Cong Rats to you Murphy! Seriously, congratulations. I told you that you rock!

Hammer said...

Cool. I like listening to them as well. I'll stay tuned for yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Murph,
I'll be home taking care Jr... I plan on trying to listen to ya.

Mark said...

And you let me know when you want to do it. As long as it's not friday night I can do it. friday nights are for me and the kids. This friday, the Circus and all 3 spiderman movies with LOTS of popcorn :)