Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Always Leave Yourself an Out

Life's Lessons # 234,210 is always leave yourself an out. When playing a sniper/lone bad guy in MOUT training, it might be considered Not a Good Idea to sequester one's self into an attic crawlspace in order to light up your hapless trainees through a mouse hole in the roof. Oh, it'll work like a champ for a bit, while the students figure out *bang* exactly where you are *bang*, how to get to your location *bang, bang*, suffering 'casualties' all along the way. Yes, you'll rack up the body count and hopefully teach them a number of valuable lessons involving the latest in new orifice avoidance techniques.

When they finally track you down, and due to your own limited mobility are unable to redeploy to continue the fun and games, they might determine that they have no other means of eliminating the threat (you) than to lob nearly half a dozen flash-bang grenades into your little hidey hole.

That stuff will rock your world, and not in the good way...

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