Sunday, March 25, 2007

Marine artwork

There is a notebook, just the size of the cargo-pocket of a cammies trouser. Covered in a soft, light-green cloth, it is the perfect size to take any kind of notes for classes, training, and patrols. Marines will usually place their names , ranks, military occupational specialty (MOS), on the front for identification or boredom prevention purposes. The artwork on the front will usually include some sort of variant of a skull and crossed bones, and some reference to death.

So in all my time in, what was the best example of MOS, artwork, and catch phrase? Was it Pilots - 'Death from above', an artilleryman's - ' Steel rain', a Snipers - 'you can run, but you will just die tired'? Nope. The best on I ever saw was from a Marine Combat Cook. Along with the 8831 MOS (If I remember correctly), and the flaming skull, it said;

Marine Combat Cook....Death from Within.

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